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Ayyappa as Kaliyuga Varada

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36 total views, 6 views today Why Ayyappa is known as Kaliyuga Varadan?     One among the numerous names of Hindu God Ayyappa is Kaliyuga Varada. The popular belief is that Ayyappa protects the devotees in Kali Yuga until the arrival of the Kalki Avatar of Sri Vishnu. This is the reason why Ayyappa is also …

Flowers offered to Lord Muruga

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120 total views, 6 views today Flowers offered to Lord Muruga     Each god in Hindu pantheon has a favorite flower and leaves. Lord Muruga, is usually offered white or red oleander (Arali) flowers. Other favorite flower of Muruga includes rose and Champa flowers (Shenbegam).   Oleander is known as Arali in Tamil; Kaner in Hindi …

Tirukalyanam during Skanda Sashti

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126 total views, 3 views today Tirukalyanam Tirukalyanam of Lord Muruga concludes the Skanda Sashti festival held after Amavasai in the Tamil month Aipassi. Tirukalyanam date is 14th November 2018. After the sixth day Skanda Sashti fasting and Soorasamharam, Tirukalyanam is held on the seventh day. This is a major important event in all Lord Muruga temples. …