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How to observe Sabarimala Mandala Vratham? – 41-day Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple Vratham

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333 total views, 3 views today HOW TO OBSERVE MANDALA VRATHAM ?     Devotees initiate the vratham by wearing a Thulasi or a Rudraksha mala. After this ceremony, the male pilgrim and the female pilgrim (aged 1-12 and after 55) are addressed as Ayyapan/Swamy and Maalikapuram respectively, until their completion of the pilgrimage. The devotees will …

Ayyappa as Kaliyuga Varada

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198 total views, 3 views today Why Ayyappa is known as Kaliyuga Varadan?     One among the numerous names of Hindu God Ayyappa is Kaliyuga Varada. The popular belief is that Ayyappa protects the devotees in Kali Yuga until the arrival of the Kalki Avatar of Sri Vishnu. This is the reason why Ayyappa is also …