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Parasakthi Kunguman is the founder of which is one of the main Spirituality & Astrology related websites in the internet. is an outcome of my involvement & interest towards Hindu Spirituality & It’s launched on 20th July of 2017. is just an portal to spread the Hindu Spiritual Knowledge to the world.

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I couldn’t have done this alone. We are 3 people working as a Team for building

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The website mainly features articles about Hindu Rituals, Festivals, Traditionals, Vrathams, Poojas, Slokas & Mantras and wallpapers of Gods and Goddesses. We are sharing about our personal travel experience to the temples with temple timings and so the people can easily have an idea about how to reach the temple where they are visiting. More importantly we are providing compiled information of important articles as PDF which helps devotees to have it as eBook.

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You can contact us @ or Contact USFeel free to write us about your feedback, suggestions or any other spiritual queries. Its our pleasure to help you.