Soundarya Lahari Sloka 11 with Meaning and Yantra

Soundarya Lahari Sloka 11

“Chathurbhih Srikanthaihi Shivayuvathibhihi Panchabhirapi
Prabhinnaabhihi Shambhornavabhirapi Moolaprakruthibhihi!
Thrirekhaabhihi Saardham Thava Sharanakonaaha Parinathaaha!”

Literal Meaning:

” The angles of Thy abode (the Srichakra) which is made up of the nine moolaprakrithis or basic triangles ( the nine primary causative forces of the Universe) consisting of the four distinct Shiva triangles (with apex upwards) kept apart from the former by the bindu, with the eight-petalled lotus, the lotus of sixteen petals with the three circles around and the three lines, are counted as forty-four triangles.”

Yantra for Soundarya Lahari Sloka 11

Mode of worship:

Yantra to be made on gold plate or butter.Sit facing North.Chant this sloka 1000 times daily for 18 (8 or 81 or 6 ) days.


Chant Lalitha Sahasranamam offering vermillion.


Cooked rice, cooked rice mixed with turmeric powder and ghee, green gram pulse sweetened with jaggery, fruits.

Beneficial Results:

Barren women become pregnant, getting issues. The butter used for drawing Yantra to be consumed daily.

Literal Results:

Intricate problems being solved.