Soundarya Lahari Sloka 53 with Meaning and Yantra


Soundarya Lahari Sloka 53

“Vibhakthathraivarnyam Vyathikarithaleelaanjanathayaa
Bibhaathi Thvannethrathrithayamidameeshaanadayithey!
Punaha Srashtum Devaan Druhinaharirudraanuparathaan
Rajaha Sathvam Vibhratthama Ithi Gunaan Thrayamiva!”

Literal Meaning:

“O Consort of Ishvaraa! Thy three eyes look tri-coloured when the black of the beauty-collyrium shines by the side of their natural white and reddish tinges, each keeping its distinctiveness. It looks as if these three colours represent the three gunaas of Rajasa, Sattva and Thamasa, which Thy assumest with a view to revive Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra after their dissolution in the pralayaa and start them once again on the creative activity.”

Yantra for Soundarya Lahari Sloka 51

Mode of worship:

Yantra to be made on gold plate or rice flour spread on a plantain leaf. Chant this sloka 1000 times daily for 45 days.Sit facing East, seated near a ghee-lit lamp, placed to right of Yantra.


Chant Lalitha Sahasranamam offering vermillion.


Cooked rice, sweet-cakes, milk-gruel.


Vision of Devi and power to foresee future (lamp burning bright is considered as good omen).

Literal Results:

Very good for renewing or restarting career ventures/personal relationships.