Soundarya Lahari Sloka 81 with Meaning and Yantra

Soundarya Lahari Sloka 81

“Guruthvam Visthaaram Kshithidharapathihi Paarvathinijaath
Nithambaadaachchidya Thvayi Haranarupeyna Nidadhey!
Athasthey Vistheerno Gururayamaseshaam Vasumatheem Nithambapraagbhaaraha Sthagayathi Laghuthvam Nayathi Cha!”

Literal Meaning:

“O Parvathi! Thy father, the Mountain-King has presented to Thee as dowry at the time of Thy marriage the heaviness and expanse cut out of his flanks. It is for this reason that Thy stupendous hips, extensive and massive, cover this entire earth and render it comparitively lighter in weight.”

Yantra for Soundarya Lahari Sloka 81

Mode of worship:

Yantra to be made on gold plate. Sit facing East. Chant this sloka 1008(1000) times daily for 45 days.


Chant Lalitha Thrishathi offering vermillion.


Cooked rice, jaggery gruel, black-gram cakes, honey and betels with sliced areca nuts.


Power to float on fire, freedom from fire accidents.

Literal Results:

Suitable for propitiating the planet Jupiter. Domination and authority.