Soundarya Lahari Slokas 45 with Meaning and Yantra

Soundarya Lahari Slokas/Yantras 45

“Araalaihi Svaabhaavyaadalikalabhasashreebhiralakaihi
Pareetham They Vakthram Parihasathi Pankeyruharuchim!
Darasmerey Yasmin Dashanaruchikinjalkaruchirey
Sugandhau Maadyanthi Smaradahanachakshurmadhulihaha!”

Literal Meaning:

“Thy face surrounded by curly forelocks beautiful like a swarm of honeybees scoffs at the beauty of lotus flowers. Thy smiling and fragrant face, rendered charming by the brilliance of filmament-like rows of teeth, gives great enjoyment to the honey-beetles that are the eyes of Shiva, the destroyer of Kama-Deva, the God of love.”

Yantra for Soundarya Lahari Sloka 45

Mode of worship:

Yantra to be made on gold plate. Sit facing East.Chant this sloka 1000 times daily for 45 days.


Chant Lalitha Thrishathi offering vermillion.


Cooked rice, scrapings of coconut kernel mixed with ghee and raw sugar; sugarcane, honey and fruits.


Eloquence, foretelling the future, blessings of the eight Goddesses of wealth.

Literal Results: 

Enjoyment of perfumes and good food.