Is Shashti Good Day?

Is Shashti Good Day?

Yes, Shasthi is a good Day. Shashti is an auspicious day as its an best day to worship Lord Muruga.

The people who are born on the Sashti tithi will be blessed with many male offspring. They are addicted to pleasures of the senses and will be surrounded by a large circle of friends.

People born on sashti tithi are egotistic in nature and like to travel. They always like to be in the lime light. They are an aggressive lot and love arguments in general.

Sashti tithi a is good tithi for making new friends. Results of travel begun in this tithi are moderate in nature.

Sashti is ruled by Sukran, division is Nanda, deity is Agni/Subrahmanya, Lord Karthikeya [General of the Gods]. If Sashti falls on a friday, it is considered an auspicious day.

Kanda sashti is popular among the devotees of Subrahmanya, where they throng the Murugan temples and offer prayers and dance with kavadis.