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Runa Vimochana Narasimha Stotra for Debt Removal

Debt Removing Mantra Recite this daily (preferably in the evening) for atleast 90 days and see how the doors of luck and opportunities open for you. Notes: This is not an instant fix. Need to Give it some time. Devataakaarya-siddhyartham sabhaastambha-samudbhavam Sri Narasimham mahaaveeram namaami runamuktaye Meaning : For achieving the divine mission, He who …

Mantra to get High Paying Job

Ganesha Sadhana Mantra  If you are jobless and seeking for good job or looking for better job with good salary then Ganesh Sadhana Mantra is the best option. This is very simple Mantra. If you do this, you will get a high paying job for sure. Please follow and like us:

Mantra for Business Growth Profit and Wealth

Mantra for Business Improvement Om Namo Bhagava’u Goyamasya Buddasya Akheena Mahanasasya, Bhaaskaree Sreem Hreem Mama Chinthitham Kaarya Aanaya-Aanaya, Pooraya Pooraya Swaahaa. How to Recite Recite this mantra 108 times everyday in the morning. This will help you gain profit in your business. Please follow and like us: