Ayyappa as Kaliyuga Varada

Why Ayyappa is known as Kaliyuga Varadan?



One among the numerous names of Hindu God Ayyappa is Kaliyuga Varada. The popular belief is that Ayyappa protects the devotees in Kali Yuga until the arrival of the Kalki Avatar of Sri Vishnu. This is the reason why Ayyappa is also known as Kaliyuga Varadan.


Like Kalki, the vehicle, or Vahana, of Ayyappa is a horse. Kalki, the tenth incarnation of Sri Vishnu, will put an end to the present cycle of creation and usher in the changes on earth required for the next cycle of creation.


In Kali Yuga, Ayyappa protects those devotees who follow the path of Dharma. He is Kaliyuga Varadan. He annihilates Adharma and makes sure that those devotees who observe Dharma attain Moksha.


As per Hinduism, Kali Yuga, a dark age of discord, is the last age in a cycle of creation. Adharma will flourish. There will be evil all around. Relationships will be fragile.


But in this dark age, people wishing to Moksha (liberation) can achieve it just by chanting the name of his personal deity.


Kali Yuga represents this period of ours, there will be the decline in all positive values, negativity will thrive, there will be corruption and moral crisis.


Forces of adharma comprising of untruth, violence, insatiable lust, discontent and enmity will make life on earth hell.


In this deep darkness, there is a light and that light is Ayyappa – Kali Yuga Varada