Can we keep Shivling in Tulsi Plant?

I am receiving many queries on keeping Shivling in Tulsi Plant. Is there will be any dosham if we do so?

Not all… We can keep Shiva Lingam in Tulsi Plan and can do regular pooja for both Tulsi and Shiva Lingam together. Thulsi is knows as one of the Pancha Vilvas (பஞ்ச வில்வங்கள்). So there is nothing wrong in keeping shivling at Tulsi Plant.

According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Vishnu exists in Tulsi Plant. When we keep shivling in Tulsi Plant and doing pooja regularly, we can get blessings from both Gods Lord Shiva & Lord Vishnu. There is nothing wrong in keeping shivling in Tulsi plant and No Dosha will be occurred by doing so. Without any confusion you can do pooja with your whole heart.