Is it good to wear Ring on Thumb Finger?

Its quiet natural now-a-days to wear ring on Thumb finger that too for the fashion buddies. Is it good to wear Ring on Thumb finger?

Obviously.. Its Bigg No….

Ring should be worn on Ring finger only. We shouldn’t wear any form of metals in Thumb Finger. It leads to connect or observe negative energies and bad evil. In particularly metals like Gold & Copper are lead you to get connect with negative powers without your control.

When you going around with wearing ring on Thumb finger you will be connected to the people of negative power and your will be changed into a different way. And you are letting yourself to loss your energy and positive vibes. You will make yourself to put more efforts for small small thing by wearing ring on Thumb finger.


If you wear ring on ring finger you will get more positive vibes and self confidence. You will be connected to good people and will gain good thoughts.

So, Always wear ring on Ring Finger not on Thumb Finger