Which type of Lamp / Deepam is Good?

Which type of Lamp / Deepam is Good?

Gold lamps :

  • For wealth,business expansion , prevention of diseases like cancer.

Silver lamps :

  • Safe Guard against poverty.

Iron lamps :

  • For tantra and Saturn troubles

Earthen / Brass Lamps :

  • For rigorous religious rituals.

Lemon lamp :

For tantric purpose , appeasing Alakshmi, exorcism.

Beet lamps :

Pacify Mars and prevent violent deaths and war

Coconut lamps : 

For progeny and overall stability

Mango Leaf Lamps :

Inviting prosperity

Paan (betel leaf ) lamps :

Warding off evil spirits

Peepal leaf :

Destroying disease carrying pathogens

Agnipurana praises the Ghee lamp the most but it also states that for cleansing of the chakras and nadis. Ghee lamp purifies the Manipur and Anahat Chakras. Also according to Agni Purana, Ghee lamp cleanses the Koshas of the human. Mainly the Pranamaya Kosha and the Manomaya Kosha , which is used for healthy living and developing knowledge.

Also when we get a vision of a deity its due to the Agni tatva ,the absolute fire element. And when we feel the touch of supreme without any external reason it is due to the vayu tattva. And a Ghee lamp helps in cleansing both this elements in our body, making communion easy with God.