Palani Temple Timing

Visiting Time at Palani Murugan Temple



Palani Temple located in Tamil Nadu is one of the most popular temples dedicated to Lord Muruga. Thousands of people visit the temple daily to have the darshan of the Murti of Muruga who alleviates all difficulties. Detail Palani Temple Timing is given below.

Visiting time through free entrance is from 5:30 AM in the morning to 9:30 PM. On special day, the temple is open from 4:00 AM to midnight.

Pooja Timings

Pooja Time
Vishvaruba Dharsanam 5.40 A.M
Vila pooja 6.50 A.M
Sirukala Shanthi Pooja 8.00 A.M
Kala Shanthi Pooja 9.00 A.M
Uchi Kaala Pooja (Noon pooja) 12.00 Noon
Sayaraksha (Evening) Pooja 5.30 P.M
Rakaala Pooja(Subject To Changes) 8.00 P.M


The puja timings are as provided by the Government endowment board.



Daily six Kala Poojas are being performed to the main Deity (Moolavar). Daily Poojas and alangarams of Palani Andavar are as follows :-

Time Pooja Alangaram
6.40 A.M Vizhapooja Sathu Sanniyasi Alangaram
8.00 A.M SirukalaSanthi Vedan Alangaram
9.00 A.M Kalasanthi Balasubramaniar Alangaram
12.00 Noon Uchikkalam Vaitheekal Alangaram
5.30 P.M Sayarakshai Raja Alangaram
8.00 P.M Rakkalam Puspha Alangaram