Rudrashtakam – Namami Shamishan Nirvana Rupam with Meaning

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Namaam-Iisham-Iishaana Nirvaanna-Ruupam
Vibhum Vyaapakam Brahma-Veda-Svaruupam |
Nijam Nirgunnam Nirvikalpam Niriiham
Cidaakaasham-Aakaasha-Vaasam Bhaje-[A]ham ||1||


(Salutations to Sri Rudra) I Salute the Lord Ishana (another name of Sri Shiva) whose Form represents the state of the highest Nirvana (extinction of all desires and passions leading to the highest bliss),
Who Manifests taking a Form though in essence He is Pervading everywhere; and His Form embodies the Highest Knowledge of Brahman present in the core of the Vedas.
Who remain absorbed in His Own Self which is Beyond the three Gunas (Sattva, Rajas and Tamas), which is Beyond any Vikalpas (Change and Manifoldness), and which is Free from any Movement (due to desires etc),
Who Abides in the Sky of the Chidakasha (Spiritual Sky); I Worship that Ishana.

Niraakaaram-Ongkara-Muulam Turiiyam
Giraa-Jnyaana-Go-[A]tiitam-Iisham Giriisham |
Karaalam Mahaakaala-Kaalam Krpaalam
Gunna-[A]agaara-Samsaara-Paaram Nato-[A]ham ||2||


(Salutations to Sri Rudra) Who is Formless and the very Root from where the Sacred Omkara arises; Who Abides in the state of Turiya (the fourth state in which Brahman is experienced in meditation)
He is the Lord Who is Beyond the Knowledge which Speech can express and Beyond the Perception which Sense Organscan perceive; He is Girisha (another name of Sri Shiva literally meaning the Lord of the Mountains)
Taking the Terrible form of Mahakala He can tear apart Kala (Time) himself; at the same time He is an embodiment ofCompassion to His devotees, I Bow down to Him Who helps in Crossing this Samsara (delusion of worldly existence) which is like a Dwelling Placemade of Gunas.

Tussaara-Adri-Samkaasha-Gauram Gabhiram
Mano-Bhuuta-Kotti-Prabhaa-Shrii Shariiram |
Sphuran-Mauli-Kallolinii Caaru-Ganggaa
Lasad-Bhaala-Baale[a-I]ndu Kanntthe Bhujanggaa ||3||


(Salutations to Sri Rudra) Who is Shining White Resembling a Mountain of Snow; and His Being is very very Deep,
In the depth of Whose Mind exist Millions of Rays of Splendour, which expresses themselves on His Auspicious Body, Over Whose Head, the Beautiful Ganga Throbs and Surges forth towards the Worlds,
Over Whose Forehead the Newly Risen Moon Shines spreading its Rays, and around Whose Neck adorns the beautiful Serpents.

Calat-Kunnddalam Bhruu-Sunetram Vishaalam
Prasanna-[A]ananam Niila-Kannttham Dayaalam |
Mrga-Adhiisha-Carma-Ambaram Munndda-Maalam
Priyam Shangkaram Sarva-Naatham Bhajaami ||4||


(Salutations to Sri Rudra) Whose Ear-Rings Sway near His beautiful face, which is adorned with a striking Eyebrow andLarge Beautiful Eyes, Whose Face is beaming with Joy and Grace, Whose Throat is Blue (due to drinking the poison during samudra manthana) and Who is extremely Compassionate, Whose Clothes are the Skin of the Lord of Animals (signifying Tiger) and Whose neck is adorned with a Garland of Skulls, I Worship Him Who is Beloved of His Devotees, Who is Shankara (another name of Sri Shiva) and Who is the Lord of All.

Pracannddam Prakrssttam Pragalbham Pare[a-Ii]sham
Akhannddam Ajam Bhaanu-Kotti-Prakaasham |
Tryah-Shuula-Nirmuulanam Shuula-Paannim
Bhaje[a-A]ham Bhavaanii-Patim Bhaava-Gamyam ||5||


(Salutations to Sri Rudra) Who is Terrible, Eminent and extremely Strong; Who is the Highest Lord,
Who is ever Unborn and Whole; and with the Effulgence of Million Suns,
Who has a Trident in Hand, the Three Spikes of which Uproots the bondages of the Three Gunas (Tamas, Rajas and Sattva), I Worship the Consort of Devi Bhavani Who can be Attained only by Devotion.

Kalaatiita-Kalyaanna Kalpa-Anta-Kaarii
Sadaa Sajjana-[A]ananda-Daataa Pura-Arii |
Cid-Aananda-Samdoha Moha-Apahaarii
Prasiida Prasiida Prabho Manmatha-Arii ||6||


(Salutations to Sri Rudra) Whose Auspicious Nature is Beyond the Elements of the gross material world and Who Bringsan End to a Kalpa (a cycle of creation when all gross elements are dissolved), Who Always Give Great Joy to the Wise Men and Who is the Enemy (signifying Destroyer) of the Tripurasuras (who represents Adharma),
By Taking Away the Great Delusion, He plunges the prepared Soul in the Fullness of Cidananda (the Bliss of Brahman or Pure Consciousness), O, the Enemy (signifying Destroyer) of Manmatha; Please be Gracious to me; Please be Gracious to me, O Lord.

Na Yaavad Umaa-Naatha-Paada-Aravindam
Bhajanti-Iha Loke Pare Vaa Naraannaam |
Na Taavat-Sukham Shaanti Santaapa-Naasham
Prasiida Prabho Sarva-Bhuuta-Adhi-Vaasam ||7||


(Salutations to Sri Rudra) As Long as the Lotus Feet of the Lord of Uma
is not Worshipped in This World or Later by the Human Beings,
So Long (i.e. Till then) Joy, Peace and End of Sorrows will not be experienced in life.
Therefore O Lord, Please be Gracious, You Who Reside within All Beings.

Na Jaanaami Yogam Japam Naiva Puujaam
Natoham Sadaa Sarvadaa Shambhu-Tubhyam |
Jaraa-Janma-Duhkhau-[A]gha Taatapyamaanam
Prabho Paahi Aapanna-Maam-Iisha Shambho ||8||


(Salutations to Sri Rudra) I do Not Know how to perform Yoga, Japa or Puja.
I Always at All Times only Bow down to You, O Shambhu (another name of Sri Shiva),
Please Protect me from the Sorrows of Birth and Old Age, as well as from the Sins which lead to Sufferings,
Please Protect me O Lord from Afflictions; Protect me O My Lord Shambhu.

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