Why We Should Not Keep Shivling At Home?

Upon my experience seen many people who is keeping shivalingam in their pooja room and doing regular pooja. In my circle even the ladies are doing pooja for Shiva lingam. But some people says its not good to keep shiva lingam in home. Is it so? Why we should not keep shivling at home?

Yes, Some people says because of the following reasons….

  • The first thing is doing Abishekam with Milk or Water Daily.
  • Next one while we are doing ideal worship it is very much important to offer Neivedhyam daily on time to time.
  • Next one is Mantra Uchadanam. As in temple Mantra Aaradhana for Lord Shiva is one of the important thing.

In home there might be a chance to skip these routine. And so people are advising not to keep shiva lingam in home.

If you feel busy and you have no time to do Abishekam or Offer Neivedyam it is better not to do Lord Ideal worship in your home. Finally its fully depends upon your own wish.