Vinayagar Songs

Vinayagar Songs

Vinayagar Songs” refer to devotional songs dedicated to Lord Ganesha, who is also known as Vinayagar in some parts of India. Lord Ganesha is revered as the remover of obstacles and the god of wisdom, intellect, and new beginnings. Devotees sing these songs to express their devotion, seek blessings, and celebrate the qualities of Lord Ganesha. These songs come in various languages and styles, reflecting the cultural diversity of India. Here are a few well-known Vinayagar songs:

  • Vakratunda Mahakaya: This popular Sanskrit hymn is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and praises his various attributes. The song’s lyrics describe Lord Ganesha’s physical form and ask for his blessings to overcome obstacles.
  • Om Ganapataye Namaha”: This mantra is a powerful chant that invokes the blessings of Lord Ganesha. It is commonly recited at the beginning of rituals and ceremonies to seek his guidance and remove impediments.
  • Ganesha Pancharatnam“: Composed by Adi Shankaracharya, this Sanskrit hymn comprises five verses that describe Lord Ganesha’s qualities and symbolism. It’s a melodic and poetic tribute to the deity.
  • Sukhkarta Dukhharta“: This Marathi aarti (devotional song) is sung to honor Lord Ganesha. It acknowledges his role as the giver of happiness and the remover of sorrow, and it is often sung during Ganesha festivals and rituals.
  • Gajananam Bhoota Ganadhi Sevitam“: This Sanskrit stotra (hymn of praise) celebrates Lord Ganesha’s divine form and his role as the leader of the celestial forces. It seeks his blessings for protection and guidance.
  • Vinaayagane Vinaipathai“: This Tamil devotional song is a heartfelt plea to Lord Ganesha to remove obstacles and grant success in endeavors. It’s often sung with devotion during special Ganesha-related occasions.
  • Ganapathiye Varuvai“: This Tamil song captures the essence of Lord Ganesha’s qualities and invites his presence into the hearts and lives of devotees.
  • “Jai Ganesh Deva”: This Hindi bhajan (devotional song) is a favorite during Ganesha festivals. It praises Lord Ganesha and seeks his blessings for happiness and success.
  • “Vinayaka Suprabatham”: Similar to the concept of “Suprabatham” (auspicious awakening) for other deities, this Sanskrit song is sung to awaken Lord Ganesha and seek his blessings in the morning.
  • “Ganesh Vandana”: This modern devotional song, often used in dance performances and cultural events, pays homage to Lord Ganesha and celebrates his joyful presence.

These are just a few examples of the numerous Vinayagar songs that exist in different languages and styles across India. Singing or listening to these songs can bring a sense of devotion, joy, and spiritual connection to Lord Ganesha. Whether during festivals, rituals, or personal moments of prayer, Vinayagar songs play an important role in Hindu devotional practices.

We are listing out the links of Vinayakar Songs which are posted in our website You can listen or chant to this songs for all occasions of Lord Vinayakar, Vinayakar Chathurthi 2023.

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